Danny Popescu is an industry leader and subject matter expert in the areas of finance, wealth management, business and leadership. A sought after speaker and thought leader, Danny has been featured in a number of publications and regularly provides expert insights on podcast interviews, panels, as a conference keynote, and more.

As seen on BNN: Harbourfront’s Multi-Family Office 

By Danny Popescu | Article

Harbourfront Wealth Management offers personalized Multi-Family Office services designed for individuals and families with assets of $10 – $100 million. Advisors and clients alike benefit from Harbourfront’s Multi-Family Office team, consisting of trusted in-house and outsourced experts working collaboratively to provide solutions to complex family needs. This bespoke service helps ultra-high net worth clients who require a multi-disciplined approach to family wealth administration. 

Danny Popescu, Founder of Harbourfront Wealth Management: Building Bonds Through Employee-Owned Firm

By Danny Popescu | Article

In this interview with Danny Popescu, he shares about the firm’s growth as an innovative independent wealth management firm and the fact that Harbourfront Wealth Management is employee-owned. Similar to that of a law firm, Harbourfront Wealth employees and advisors are partners in the organization, rather than just employees, with a number of benefits.

This Wealth Management Firm Is Valued at $425 Million And Is On Track To Establishing $1.5 Billion In Enterprise Value By 2027

By Danny Popescu | Article

Harbourfront Wealth Management is a firm that embodies a philosophy of independent and unbiased advice with a commitment to delivering more financial independence for Canadians. Last year, Harbourfront received a nine-figure investment from Audax Private Equity. And CEO Danny Popescu and the firm were recognized for having an independent approach to wealth management with a unique business model. This includes the creation of uniquely architected private securities more practical for the retail investor space.

How to Succeed as an Entrepreneur

By Danny Popescu | Article

As the wealth management industry continues to grow, so do opportunities for entrepreneurs. This field attracts many people with great ideas, but only some have what it takes to succeed.

If you’re thinking about launching an entrepreneurial venture, as a business leader in the financial services sector, there are several strategies

How one independent firm is expanding the retail portfolio universe

By Leo Almazora | Article

For decades, countless sums of client wealth has been potentially left on the table because they’re stuck in a false dilemma between traditional stocks and bonds. However, the world of alternative investments and private markets have been walled off, open only to the likes of ultra-high-net worth investors,

Vancouver wealth manager Harbourfront Group raises financing to boost growth plans

Clare O’Hara | Article

Vancouver-based independent wealth manager Harbourfront Group has secured its first private funding to help boost its growth plans,

3rd Annual Private Wealth Canada West Forum

Vancouver | Forum

The 3rd Annual Private Wealth Canada West Forum is the leading conference for wealth management firms, family offices, and private banks throughout the region.

Running an Influential Finance Firm

With Danny Popescu | Podcast

Danny Popescu is a passionate visionary in the world of wealth management. In this episode of The Business of You, Danny shares some of his guidance on finance, being a great employer and making an impact.

In 2013, Danny Popescu founded Harbourfront, an independent wealth management firm.